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Ansible Quick Start: How to Install and Configure Ansible Automation Tool

Ansible is a simple IT automation tool that makes your applications and systems easy to configure and deploy. It communicates with remote machines over SSH in order to retrieve information, issue commands and copy files. In this guide, we will discuss how to install and get started with Ansible.

Maintaining Scroll Position When Prepending Content to a Container with AngularJS

Sometimes we prepend dynamically some content to a container within a scrollable container on a page. The latest content should be at the top of the container. In some cases, for a good reading experience we need to maintain the vertical scroll position if the user is scrolling down the container. I found a solution …

How to Get the Recent Instagram Media of a User Using CasperJS Without Instagram API

Our goal is simply to get the┬árecent media published by a user from Instagram. Instagram API provides an endpoint /users/{user-id}/media/recent. However, after Nov 17, 2015, every new app created on the Instagram Platform starts in Sandbox mode and all API endpoints require a specific permission scope granted by the user. The /users/{user-id}/media/recent endpoint requires the …